He’s Alive!

Well, I was going to talk about this last week but I kinda changed my mind. All I have been hearing about is this Tupac hologram deal. Yeah, its kinda cool, but Gorillaz did it first. Wasn’t it with Madonna? Then CNN did it, god knows why. Nobody watches that krusty old blitzer dude.

Now we have Tupac. I’m not dissing the dude. I am still on the bandwagon of him being one of the best people to hit the music industry. Who knows where the guy woulda been if he hadn’t of been killed in Vegas.

Why are these guys spending this kind of scratch on somebody who died almost 20 years ago? Everybody has gotten over the other mega stars that have died. Lennon? Done.¬†Presley? Finished!! I understand these guys miss their best friend but He’s dead, get over it.

Have a nice day.


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