Metal radio is not a genuine idea. We’ve had our good times in the past. KNAC, Headbangers Ball, small market radio stations, X107.5 in Vegas, The Furious 5 at 9 most nights on KROQ back in the 90s. But who is standing up for us now?

Our job here at Metal Tonite is to give an alternative to the urban centers of our country. Our radio stations are making fun of their listeners by what they play and how often they play it. For a great example check out 102.7 KIIS FM and 105.9 KPWR Power 106 in the Los Angeles Market.

We may play the softer bands from time to time (like Staind, Flaw, Ra or Godhead), but we give a variety that the major stations Cant supply. From the Big names to the not so big, we shall strive to play what you want to hear and what you will want to hear, Real metal with No input from the labels on what we should be playing and how many times a day. Youre listening to Metal Tonite, Metal Radio FTW.

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