More news with the calendar

When I added the calendar last month, i wasnt really sure how to do it or what to use. I thought the logical choice would be to go with Google Calendar since i am a big user of Google. More so than anyone else i know. Well, it turned out that it wasnt as flexible as i wanted especially with viewing multiple calendars without being logged into Google. So, Im trying out this new guy and am converting all of the dates on the old calendar to this new one.

One other thought, right now, i am only facilitating the concerts in the southwest US (Southern California, Las Vegas, and Phoenix), but maybe in the future if there is demand elsewhere i will add some of the other major metro zones like new york, seattle, central Florida and chicago to name a few. Once i get into the groove of things, i will probably start adding some music news and giving commentaries on whats going on. leave me a comment and let me know what you think.