SoCal Shows 6-9 to 6-15

June 9, Thursday
Forbidden @ Whisky A Gogo 6:00PM
Title Fight @ Chain Reaction 7:00PM

June 10, Friday
Title Fight @ Chain Reaction 7:00PM
Hed to Head Tour w/ Hed PE and Mushroomhead @ Key Club Hollywood 8:00PM
Fear Factory @ Whisky A Gogo 8:00PM
Deftones @ Hollywood Palladium 8:00PM

June 11, Saturday
Fear Factory @ Brick by Brick San Diego 8:00PM

June 12, Sunday
Fear Factory @ Stingers Bar San Bernardino 8:00PM

June 15, Wednesday
Joey Belladonna @ Key Club Hollywood 7:30PM
Deftones @ Fox Theater Pomona 8:00PM

Album Releases June 7th

AC/DC – Let There Be Rock DVD (Warner)
Amorphis – The Beginning Of Times (Nuclear Blast)
Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here (The End)
Ancient VVisdom – A Godlike Inferno (Shinebox)
Arch Enemy – Khaos Legions (Century Media)
Avantasia – The Flying Opera Live DVD/CD (Nuclear Blast)
Barn Burners – Bangers II: Scum Of The Earth (Metal Blade)
Behemoth – Abyssus Abyssum Invocat (Metal Blade)
Black September – The Forbidden Gates Beyond Re-Release (Prosthetic)
Brent Hinds Presents – Fiends Without A Face and West End Motel (Rocket Science)
Cerebral Bore – Maniacal Miscreation (Earache)
Chrome Division – 3rd Round Knockout (Nuclear Blast)
Crashdiet – Generation Wild (Frontiers)
Dr. Midnight and The Mercy Cult – I Declare Treason (Season Of Mist)
Elevate: I Am – The Ghost Eclipse Sessions (ALF)
Engineer – Crooked Voices (Black Market Activities)
Falconer – Armod (Metal Blade)
Gigan – Quasi-Hallucinogenic Sonic Landscapes (Willowtip)
Hammerfall – Infected (Nuclear Blast)
Iron Maiden – From Fear To Eternity: The Best Of 1990-2010 (Universal)
Job For A Cowboy – Gloom EP (Metal Blade)
Karma To Burn – V (Napalm)
Khann – Erode (Black Market Activities)
Looking For An Answer – Eterno Treblinka (Relapse)
Morbid Angel – Illud Divinum Insanus (Season Of Mist)
Origin – Entity (Nuclear Blast)
Pharoah – Ten Years EP (Cruz del Sur)
Sister – Hated (Metal Blade)
The Soulless – Isolated (Earache)
Tombs – Path Of Totality (Relapse)
Tyr – The Law Of Thyrm (Napalm)
Various Artists – Afterparty Massacre Soundtrack (Ibex Moon)
Whitesnake – Live At Donington 1990 (Frontiers)

Album Releases May 31

Autopsy – Macabre Eternal (Peaceville)
The Crevices Below – Below The Crevices (Nordvis)
Dark Castle – Surrender To All Life Beyond Form (Profound Lore)
David Benson – Purpose Of The Cross Re-Release (Intense Millennium)
Death Wolf – Death Wolf (Regain)
Desolate Shrine – Tenebrous Towers (Hammer Of Hate)
Gallhammer – The End (Peaceville)
Gamma Ray – Skeletons & Majesties (Armoury)
Horde Of Hel – Likdagg (Regain)
Isis – Live I: 9.23.03 (Ipecac)
Liberty N’ Justice – Chasing A Cure (Roxx)
Loss – Despond (Profound Lore)
Marduk – Iron Dawn EP (Regain)
Melvins – Sugar Daddy Live (Ipecac)
My Dying Bride – Evinta (Peaceville)
Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard Of Ozz Re-Release (Epic)
Ozzy Osbourne – Diary Of A Madman Re-Release (Epic)
Pagan’s Mind – Heavenly Ecstasy (SPV)
Sacreligous Impalement – Exalted Spectres (Hammer Of Hate)
Twisted Sister – Under The Blade Re-Release (Eagle Rock)
U.D.O. – Rev-Raptor (AFM)
USX – The Valley Path (Neurot)
Vastum – Carnal Law (20 Buck Spin)
V8Wankers – Iron Crossroads (SPV)
X Opus – The Epiphany (Magna Carta)

Album Releases May 25

Acephalix – Interminable Night (Southern Lord)
Alpinist – Lichtlærm/Minus Mensch (Southern Lord)
Black Tusk – Passage Through Purgatory Re-Release (Relapse)
Book Of Black Earth – The Cold Testament (Prosthetic)
Boris – Attention Please (Sargent House)
Boris – Heavy Rocks (Sargent House)
Cultes Des Ghoules – Haxen (Hells Headbangers)
Destroyer 666 – To The Devil His Due (Hells Headbangers)
Drainland – And So Our Troubles Began (Southern Lord)
Gravehill – When All Roads Lead To Hell (Dark Descent)
Haemorrhage – Hospital Carnage (Relapse)
In Solitude – The World The Flesh The Devil (Metal Blade)
Indestructible Noise Command – Heaven Sent, Hellbound (Rising)
Inevitable End – The Oculus (Relapse)
Ipsissimus – The Way Of Descent (Metal Blade)
Iron Maiden – From Fear To Eternity: The Best Of 1990-2010 (Universal)
Orange Goblin – Box Set (Metal Blade)
Seidr – For Winter Fire (Flenser)

SoCal Shows 5-19 to 5-25

May 19, Thursday
Arsonists Get All The Girls @ Chain Reaction 7:00PM
Combichrist @ Galaxy Theater 8:00PM

May 20, Friday
DESTRUCTION @ Galaxy Theater 8:00PM
Rammstein @ The Forum 7:00PM

May 22, Sunday
DESTRUCTION @ Key Club Hollywood

May 24, Tuesday
System of a Down @ The Forum 7:30PM

May 25, Wednesday
Impending Doom @ Chain Reaction 7:00PM
Darksun @ Whisky A Gogo 6:00PM

Album Releases May 17

Across Tundras – Sage (Neurot)
Alcest – Le Secret Re-Release (Prophecy)
Altar Of Plagues – Mammal (Profound Lore)
Anaal Nathrakh – Passion (Candlelight)
Arsonists Get All The Girls – Motherland (Century Media)
Backslider/Nimbus – Terrifix Split (Give Praise)
Black ‘N Blue – Hell Yeah (Frontiers)
Chrome Division – 3rd Round Knockout (Nuclear Blast)
Deceased – Surreal Overdose (Shrieks From The Hearse)
Demonaz – March Of The Norse (Nuclear Blast)
Egypt Central – White Rabbit (ILG)
Endstille – Infektion 1813 (Season Of Mist)
Finnr’s Cane – Wanderlust (Prophecy)
A Forest Of Stars – Opportunistic Thieves Of Spring (Prophecy)
Hell – Human Remains (Nuclear Blast)
Infestus – Exist (Debemur Morti)
Krallice – Diotima (Profound Lore)
Nader Sadek – In The Flesh (Season Of Mist)
Necrophagia – Deathtrip 69 (Season Of Mist)
Rival Sons – Pressure and Time (Earache)
Scar Symmetry – The Unseen Empire (Nuclear Blast)
A Storm Of Light – As The Valley of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade (Profound Lore)
Vampires Everywhere – Kiss The Sun Goodbye (Century Media)
Virgin Steele – Noble Savage Re-Release (SPV)
Warrant – Rockaholic (Frontiers)
Weekend Nachos – Worthless (Relapse)

SoCal Shows 5-12 to 5-18

May 12, Thursday
Alien Ant Farm @ Key Club Hollywood 7:00PM

May 13, Friday
The Human Abstract @ Chain Reaction Anaheim 7:00PM
Alien Ant Farm @ Brick By Brick San Diego 8:00PM

May 15, Sunday
Needlemouth @ Galaxy Theater Santa Ana 6:00PM

May 17, Tuesday
Ankla @ Whisky A Gogo 6:30PM

Album Releases May 10

AC/DC – Live At River Plate DVD (Columbia)
Anvil – Juggernaut Of Justice (The End)
Aosoth – III (Agonia)
Clutch – Blast Tyrant Re-Release (Weathermaker)
Forgotten Tomb – Under Saturn Retrograde (Agonia)
The Gates Of Slumber – Wretch (Rise Above)
Hate Eternal – Phoenix Amongst the Ashes (Metal Blade)
Horseback – The Gorgon Tongue: Impale Golden Horn + Forbidden Planet Re-Release (Relapse)
Korn – The Essential Korn (Legacy)
Liturgy – Aesthetica (Thrill Jockey)
New Keepers Of The Water Towers – The Calydonian Hunt (Meteor City)
Novembers Doom – Aphotic (The End)
Olde Growth – Olde Growth (Meteor City)
Polkadot Cadaver – Sex Offender (Rotten)
Portrait – Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae (Metal Blade)
Spearhead – Theomachia (Agonia)
Zombi – Escape Velocity (Relapse)