Golden Gods

The time of year has come once again. It’s time for the Revolver Golden Gods Awards.I watched the recap on VH1 the last few years and it is a very interesting event to watch. Not only is there the usual glam that comes with awards shows, but you get all of the personalities that are very supressed, unless you count Lady Gaga or Sasha Baron Cohen.I’m not really too sure what to expect from this show.

After looking at some of the lists of nominations, I really wonder who picks them. For example, Jonathan Davis and Amy Lee being nominated for best vocalist. Those two couldnt be any less relevant in this day and age. I understand there are an endless number of bands, but they have at least four bands that were nominated for at least four different awards. If this is a showcase on the genre, they aren’t doing a great job at showcasing. I guess they are all of the mainstream bands.

The real award I am looking forward to is the most Metal Athlete, which I am pulling for a CM Punk Victory. I would like to hear a much more publicized pipe bomb from him. Kind of Ironic that Punk is in that nomination instead of Jericho, who is a member of his own metal band Fozzy.

Check out the Revolver Golden Gods Awards at Nokia Live on April 11, 2012, and later on this year on VH1.

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