Sued for Downloading

When oh when will the music industry ever learn its lesson.

Most businesses, over the course of time, have to adapt and change their models so they can continue to make money. Apparently, nobody in the music industry has taken business classes because they are stuck in a time warp that they never seem to bring themselves out of.

World Digital Rights filed a lawsuit in Florida against the 80 IP Addresses of people who illegally downloaded the newest album for All Shall Perish. Now the band, went to their record label, Nuclear Blast, whom also doesnt own the rights to the music, and told them they wanted nothing to do with the prosecution of any of their fans, even if their fans stole from them. Apparently, Nuclear Blast is in the process of notifying World Digital Rights that they wanted the case dissmissed.

There are several issues with this story that kind of bug me. I’ve always been one against prosecution on the basis of pirating. I think companies like RIAA and this World Digital Rights are corporations that were purely invented to rape money not just from broadcasters but from the musicians themselves. I know that the RIAA collects royalties on behalf of musicians/bands even if they are not current members, and they dont have to fork over the money unless the band specifically asks them for it. Not to mention the fees being outrageously jacked up on us legitimate podcasters who use music because we want other people to experience it and not distributing it for gain/stealing it.

These people need to get their act together and maybe make their music more affordable and easier to get so everybody can go home happy.

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