Limp Bizkit + Drama = Nothing New & Gold

I came across this little bit of “News” from

Apparently DJ Lethal and the rest of the guys in Limp Bizkit have recently had a falling out which resulted in the departure of founding member DJ Lethal. This situation kinda sucks and who do they put in the middle of the whole thing? The fans.

I think when a famous person has a meltdown on Twitter, its very entertaining. I like knowing some of the behind the scenes issues that don’t usually come out until somebody dies or the band calls it quits. this time is a bit different and Wes Borland went all skitzso on Twitter. Todays little nugget is DJ Lethal coming back with “his side” of the situation.

You can’t really trust what is going on unless a movie or book comes out on the band, which doesn’t seem too likely.


Here is the link to the original article on Loudwire :


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